New Born

The fascination if new life - The first photo shoot of the baby


9 months full of anticipation


Family is when generations live together
... and love each other


Kids - Kids - Kids! Wether cheeky, playful, grouse or just sweet


A portrait brings out your personality ... 

and also represents your heart


The most important day in your life! Let us create unforgettable moments


Beautiful body: stylish - sensual - 


The world of the photographer Verena Schäfer.

At the age of 35, I am already mother of my two wonderful sons. For more than 13 years happily married to my husband. My passion for photography is about the same age. It has definitely changed my life in recent years. Through my camera, I see the world with a different view.

contact details – Verena Schae

Erlenweg 1 – D-65558 Holzheim Rue Bertels 14 – B-7010 SHAPE mobile number: 0049 (0) 1522 19 11 424 Email:
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